Twenty or More Laser Treatments Enough to Remove Acne Scars?

Hi, I am wondering that if I have so much laser treatment done (for example 20 or 25 treatments) for acne scarring, is it enough to get rid of them completely?

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How many laser treatments are enough to remove acne scars?

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Acne scars vary in severity and in their presentation.

No ONE modality can be used successfully to treat acne scars. Also - you need to remember that once you have a scar - you will always have a scar. The battle is waged NOT to erase a scar but in an effort to get you a better looking - more acceptable scar. As such, Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons use scar excision, Subcision with fillers, and many methods of resurfacing Dermabrasion etc.

The methods applicable in your case would depend on your presentation and the skill, experience and tools available to your doctor.

Good Luck.

Peter A Aldea, MD, FACS

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Nothing gets rid of acne scars completely

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You ask a good question because it emphasizes the frustrating fact that no matter how much you treat them, acne scars will never be completely removed. 

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