Best Laser Treatments for Back Acne?

What kind of treatment (lasers, light therapy, etc.) would work best for active back acne and how long do the results of these treatments last? I'm in my 30s and am getting desperate! Thank you!

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Of course, the best and most permanent treatment is Accutane. However, this should only be used if other therapeutic options have been exhausted such as hormonal treatments and various antibiotics.

If even Accutane has failed, and back acne can be stubborn, the Smoothbeam laser is probably the best solution. This diode laser disrupts the sebaceous glands and will put them into a quiescent state for about 6 months to a year. Another choice would be Blu-light, with or without Levulan. Adding Levulan increases the effectiveness of the procedure. This works by taking advantage of the fact that the bacteria that causes acne, P. Acnes, produces porphyrins. The Blu-light is attracted to the porphyins and destroys the bacteria. A series of these treatments will hopefully quell your acne for about 6 months.

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