I Am 26 Years Old and Trying to Search for a Treatment for Faceholes and Scars (photo)

I have been facing this problem for the last 2 years. I had gone for dermaroller treatment with no results.I think my skin is bit loose and this might be the reason for faceholes and few wrinkles. Someone told me to go for laser treatment but I am afraid of it as I think it may do some more damage. Please suggest what should i go for.

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Combination works best for acne scars

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Your acne scars appear to be mixed in type.  Boxcar type scars do very well with filler product, such as direct injection beneath the scar.  V-shaped scars, also known as ice-pick type scars do not fill correctly with filler unless your skin doctor also lifts the scar surgically.  This is a minor procedure that can be performed in the office, but allows the deepest portion of the scar to respond to fillers.  

Ice-pick scars can be converted into boxcar-type scars by performing the cross technique, which utilizes a very concentrated acid applied only to the base of the scar.  This causes a small wound beneath the scar and leads to scar remodeling. This can be performed relatively inexpensively.  At my practice it costs $300-400 per treatment session for the CROSS technique, depending on the number of scars to be treated.

The best option to blend boxcar-type scars into normal looking skin is to use a fractionated carbon dioxide (CO2) laser.  For your scars, I would recommend the  DOT laser (DEKA) or the Deep FX (Lumenis) because they both offer a smaller (.2-.3mm) ablative column, which allows the laser to penetrate deeper into the scar without inducing surface skin changes.  You will get more of a response to these lasers in a single session compared to other fractional devices (such as fraxel or non-ablative lasers), but treatments of scars even with this modality work out best with multiple sessions.

I would treat your acne scars with a combination of the above because all acne scars are not alike.  The good news for you is that if those scars bother you, they can improve impressively.  Good luck.  I think you will be glad to have them treated.

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