Is Nipple Reduction on a 15 Year Old Male Possible?

I Am a 15 Year Old Male Who Needs Nipple Reconstruction. Will a Plastic Surgen Do the Operation on Someone my Age? i'm skinny, areola size has not changed, my nipple's have just gotten puffy and stick out more. Also the center of my nipple has widdened a little bit, is that treatable?

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Nipple reduction in the adolescent. Teasing, bullying.

We often do surgery to "end the teasing" on adolescents.  Gynecomastia surgery, otoplasty, giant nevi, and scars are only a few examples.  With the male breast, this age is a hormonal storm that is on-going.  I understand the need to do something about it, but surgery right now will probably fail and just trade one problem for another.  The problem could "grow back" fairly soon and the scars may be more conspicuous than the original problem.  Consult with one of us but be prepared to be told - "You have to wait".

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Nipple reduction

While nipple reduction on a 15 year old male is certainly possible, I need to question the motivation behind the request.  Frequently this comes as a result of  "teasing" from other teens and not  from a realistic need to decrease the size of the nipple.  Before embarking on a surgical proceedure it is important to throughly investigate the reason for the request, and to openly discuss the desired result.  It is unclear from the picture, but sometimes the "enlarged nipple" results from a condition called Gynecomastia which is associated with an increase of actual breast tissue, not just nipple size.  The treatment for Gynecomastia is different than the isolated treatment for nlpple enlargement.  A thorough examination by a plastic surgeon will determine the origin of the problem and reccommendations for treatment if indicated can be given. 

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