I Am 14 Days P.O. and Getting Keloid Scaring After a Tight Lift and Tt What Should I Do?

I am 14 days P.O. and I am getting keloid scaring in many place after having spiral thigh lift and tt what can I do to help myself and my scar to heal better?

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Options for helping scars to heal well

At 2 weeks it is very early in the healing process, but if the scars are raised, red, and thick, they may be heading in the wrong direction (called hypertrophic scarring). A series of laser or IPL treatments can be helpful early on. Also, keeping tape on the scars for the first 4-6 weeks, in areas where that is possible, can be helpful. It is too early for silicone patches  or steroid injections.

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Thigh lift scars

You are not seeing "keloid" after only two weeks, but more likely edema (swelling), and possibly skin rippling along one side of the closure. Compression garment and/or taping of the wound edges to diminish tension across the suture line may help prevent the development of hypertrophic scar, but check with your surgeon first. Limitation of thigh motion in areas of tight closure during the early period of healing may also help. True keloid formation along a thigh lift closure is rare.

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