Which Would Work Better on Breast Reduction Scars, Silicone Gel or Silicone Sheets?

I've been researching scar treatments for my upcoming breast reduction, and silicone products are often recommended. Scarprin, a silicone gel seems to be the most highly rated scar treatment product on the market, but silicone sheets seem to be more recommended for breast reductions. Which would work better? I know that the scars should be the least of my worries, but I simply want the best possible allover results.

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Silicone on scars

There is no difference between silicone gel or sheets- its a question of which one you are actually going to use. If you don't use it it's no good!  The sheets can be placed and changed every two days (despite what it says on the packaging- in my experience) The gel; has to be applied daily. 

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Scar Treatment Options Breast Surgery

In your particular case I would suggest the sheets.  You can keep them on for days and therefore are more compliant with the care and they work very well.

Albert Dabbah, MD
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Silicone gel or tape

Thank you for your question. Breast incisions can be managed using a multimodal approach:
1) Scar massage - starting as soon as the surgical dressings come off and the incisions are sealed
2) Silicone sheets or scar gels for about six months to year
3) Embrace - a tension reducing dressing for the first 2 months
4) Fractionated lasers to help blend the scar into the background - done as a series, starting about 4 weeks after surgery and repeated every four weeks for six months.
5) Sunscreen to prevent the scars from darkening

The main role for silicone sheets is to keep the incisions hydrated during the remodelling phase of the scar maturation. This allows the underlying cells to work in a more optimized fashion. The brand is less important but compliance usually follows ease of use. Silicone usually has less skin irritation concerns with use compared to adhesives. They can also be re-used. The main advantage of the tape vs gel is that it stays on throughout the day.  I use the gel on areas like the face, but both are very efficacious.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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