Redness after 8 months tca cross.

I had 3 tca cross treatments 8 months ago. I saw alot of improvement after 3 treatments, but some of those improved scars turn very red once every one or two weeks, then go back to normal pink color. ( all scars after the treatment turned pink, I have golden skin color) can you tell me why my scar stay pink for too long, and why they turn very red sometimes? Is it safe for me to keep getting more treatment?

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TCA Cross Technique

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Often the skin heals with red or pink, this can be improved with lasers such a pulsed dye or yellow laser.  Please see an expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Red acne scars

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Red acne scars, even from TCA CROSS can take time to fade- sometimes up to one year. Occasionally they maybe permanent. The good news is that these are the easiest scars to treat (macular erythema). The video below shows V BEAM laser to reduce unwanted red scars. 

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Redness from TCA

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I often combine the V-Beam to treat redness from the acne or acne scars.  Please consult a specialist for the best cosmetic treatment.  Best, Dr. Green

Redness after TCA CROSS

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I do many CROSS treatments in my practice.  Any treatment which produces a wound in the skin can cause temporary redness.  However, my patients do not typically complain of prolonged redness with CROSS treatment.  In your case, it might be possible to improve the redness by treating with pulsed dye laser or other vascular laser. Speak to your dermatologist about this.
Dr. Ort

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