What Works Great on Acne Blemishes?

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Steroid injections

I am going to assume that you would like to know what works on acne lesions themselves. To discuss acne treatment in general would require a whole essay which is probably beyond the scope of your question. As I stress to my patients, the treatment I prescribe is to prevent new lesions from forming not to destroy the lesions which already are ravaging the face. In other words, not surprisingly, the commercial depictions of the nasty acne lesions under attack by the cream de jour, are misleading.

The lesions themselves are best treated with an injection of cortisone. Low dose oral cortisone and a quick acting antibiotic such as Minocycline or Doxycycline are probably the most efficatious for treating an acne outbreak.

If you can tell a pimple is forming, you might block the lesion with the Zeno or the Thermaclear devices. These give a small jolt of heat to kill the bacteria. They do work but must be used early on and are not strong enough for a true cystic lesion. One study that I read indicated that the Thermaclear device works a little bit better but they both can be effective if used as directed.

Finally, an old time remedy is Sulfoxyl Strong. This is a combination of sulfur and 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. The sulfur tends to dry up the lesion while the BP ingredient kills bacteria.

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