What Would You Suggest For This Upper Lip Scar Revision? (photo)

10 years ago i had a upper lip revision where it was cut deep with a scapel and sutured inside and out due to being hit . It looks even worse in bad lighting and deep and depressed. It looks good when the photo is taken from different angle but horrible the other way. Please dont tell me to get dermabrasion or fraxel because i mistakenly did do it and it pulled all my internal stiches to appear which superficially making the scars worse. Is there any way making this scar less visible.

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Depressed scar treatment with subcision and dermal filler

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The scar in the photo appears depressed and crossing 2 skin surfaces: the mucosa and the skin. Undermining the scar and filling with a hyaluronic filler will improve the scar.

Washington DC Dermatologic Surgeon

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