What is the Best Treatment for my Upper Thighs That Have Started to Sag. I'm in Great Shape Other Than my Sagging Thighs.

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Sagging thighs

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I have been in practice for 23 years and this complaint is a common one, and this condition really frustrates my patients. The bottom line is that there is no ideal solution to your problem. Surgery can eliminate excess skin from the inner thigh but the scars are unacceptable to all of my patients except those who have undergone massive weight loss, as their skin is so excessive that it justifies the scarring. However, I suspect you are in great shape as you stated and the skin has just lost elasticity with aging. You have no control over this aging phenomenon. There are no absolutely predictable solutions but Thermage CPT with body tip, Ulthera, and possibly Exilis (that we are studying now in our clinic) may help. They will have to be repeated periodically and there is no guarantee of the degree of improvement you can expect, but these technologies are at least options that have recently come into existence and improve many patients. A thorough consult with an honest physician with great experience in this field is critical. These new technologies are advances and we use them all the time, but they can be oversold and over promised. You must have realistic expectations spelled out to you. 

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