How Many Treatment Does It Required to Treat Moderate-severe Scarring(Maximally from Acne and a Few from Excision)?)I

Hi , I am an Indian suffering from acne since teen and now have scars all over my face.I have tried a lot of techniques from different doctors like microdermanrasion,Chemical peeling,dermarolling..but all of them gave me zero imporovement.Now I am suggested for TotalFx(DEEP+active) 6session 6 week aparts.7 days after my first one I didnt see any improvement.My face is intense red.I am worried.Can you suggest is there anything in the earth is made to improve mediu scarring.What can be my option?

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Acne Scarring multiple treatments tried but have not worked

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Deep fx can improve your scars over time. 7 or so days is not enough time. Sometimes results take up to a year or more to have a noticeable affect. This should improve your scars.  I would suggest something to work the deeper tissues as well. Subcision is one option and other filling modalities can work wonders on your scars. TCA Cross treatment is one that can help ice pick scars as well.

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Fractional resurfacing takes time to show results.

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I understand your frustration after having gone through quite some treatments. But, the fact is, fractional resurfacing does give some reasonable results - so you will have to wait it out with this one. And the redness does take time to go down, so please stick to your sunscreen and skin care regimen. Do post/send pictures, so that I can give you more meaningful inputs!

Good luck.

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