Any Treatment for Scar on Child's Nose?

4 yo daughter got scratched by older son's nail on nose 2 months ago. Caretaker did not know and was not immediately treated. Scabbed over and applied aquafor constantly but when it came off left pinkish skin. That has faded and now light colored skin left behind. Most concerning is pigmented line around light area. Makes it stand out. Trying mederma, vite oil, cocoa butter massage. No change at all in 7 weeks. Anything I can do? Consult Ped plastic surgeon. Is the first thing that you see on her face.

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Time is your best friend especially when it comes to children and the nose. Photographs would be helpful here 

New York Plastic Surgeon

Time is your friend

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Thank you. Time is really your friend here. But if these changes persist, you might consider the Fraxel laser. This builds up collagen, helps with texture and color changes.


Chris Zachary MD

Christopher B. Zachary, MD
Newport Beach Dermatologist

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