Treatment for Lip Wrinkles?

I read a description of a treatment for lip wrinkles that sounded like it would be very effective, and I had not heard of it before. Dr. Aaron Stone posted that he used a laser, which is common, but also that he did a "needle subcision" at the ends of the wrinkles in order to avoid more passes with the laser. Since I don't know exactly what needle subcision is, I wonder if that could be further explained and described. I do like the idea of less passes, perhaps with repeat treatments.

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Subcision with laser for perioral rhytids

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Perioral rhytids also known as smokers lines are best treated with a combination of therapies.  Resurfacing with either a laser or peel + the use of facial filler + the use of botox can help efface the lines.  The use of subcision is typically used for acne scars and not for etched lines.  However, filler can be used in a subcision like fashion for some etched lines and newer fillers such as Belotero are smooth enough to avoid lumpiness.

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Laser for lip wrinkles

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Although I use subcision for acne scarring or other deep facial scarring in certain instances, I have never used this technique for treatment of lip wrinkles.  My preferred technique for treatment of vertical lip rhytids is to use the Sciton Erbium laser to resurface the perioral area with a variable number of 100 micron passes without coagulation which gives an excellent result without the need for subcision.

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