What Treatment is there for Flat Warts on the Face?

My primary care physician diagnosed what I thought was acne as flat warts, in addition to some light/moderate acne I do have.

The warts are very small, white, and many along my hairline. I don't have a picture as they are so small and don't show that much. What are the treatments? I tried an over the counter option, but it didn't really work in this case and am now looking into other options.

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Wart removal with laser - Los Angeles

Wart removal is best achieved with the pulsed dye laser wart removal treatment. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Flat warts or acne

Before any doctor recommends, as a specialist, treatment for a proposed diagnosis, that diagnosis should be confirmed.  A dermatologist should be consulted to determine if, in fact, these are flat warts.  Flat warts are often skin colored and not necessarliy rough, but there are exceptions.  If they are warts, then there are some creams that can cause irritation purposefully and help the body's immune system make them go away, and freezing with liquid nitrogen may help. Unfortunately, they may explode in new numbers. Dont' pick at them. If they are comdonal acne, then treatment may be very different although tretinoin has helped patients with both diagnoses, but flat warts are more stubborn.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Treatment for flat warts on face

Even with the appropriate treatment, flat warts can take several weeks to months to resolve.  Treatment options include application of liquid nitrogen, topical retinoids including tretinoin and tazarotene, hyfrecation (light cautery).  The key to resolving flat warts is persistence.  Also, it is best not to touch or pick at your flat warts, as it can promote spread.  Consider discussing treatment with your dermatologist.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
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Flat warts

Gentle treatment by a phyisician with liquid nitrogen with Retin A (tretinoin) cream (a prescription) has worked well for my patients. 

Hope that helps.

Madeline Krauss, M.D.

Madeline Krauss, MD
Boston Dermatologic Surgeon
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NYC Wart Removal

My favorite treatment for small facial warts is hyfrecation. It's light electric current that gently chars the surface of the wart so it can be wiped away easily. Liquid nitrogen, while commonly used, is a bit less predictable in terms of its targeting JUST the area where the wart is while still protecting surrounding skin.

Bobby Buka, MD
New York Dermatologist
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