How would I treat this type of acne scarring on my forehead? (Photo)

The scarring is like deep tiny holes everywhere on my forhead.. I have no confidence because of this.

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Several treatment options available...

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There are several different treatment options for the scars on your forehead. You may need treatment with a fractionated CO2 laser or multiple sessions with Fraxel 1550. In combination, you may also need to have filler injections or TCA droplets in the deeper scars.

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How would I treat acne scarring on my forehead?

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Thank you for your question.  Don't lose faith, I think there are treatments available to help you look and feel better about yourself.  We have had some really impressive results with treating acne scars with dermarolling (or microneedling).  This treatment involves the use of a hand-held roller with hundreds of tiny needles that pierce the skin. These tiny wounds induce your skin's natural healing reaction: collagen production. Additionally, when used to treat acne scars, dermarolling helps to break down the fibrous bands of scar tissue that cause the indentation. 

Acne scars on Forehead

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The Fraxel laser is the gold standard for treating these acne scars.  I would definitely consult with a dermatologist who has experience with this laser.  The 1550 wavelength would be needed and a series of treatments to improve the appearance of the scars.

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