How to Treat Dark Circles Caused by Broken Capillaries?

So when i pull my skin under my eyes down or strech my upper lid skin i see veins etc? Why does this cause dark circles. What are treatments such ipl? Can i try any creams?

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Yes you have blood vessels but his is not why you have dark circles.

Dear Sammy

The dark circle is an optical phenomena: skin optics.  The thin lower eyelid skin is back by a dark red muscle called the orbicularis oculi muscle.  This muscle absorbs light that enters the eyelid skin.  Less light is bounced back out of the skin so it looks dark.  This area is drapped over a hollow and this allows for internal reflection that shadows the area.  Filling with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane is currently the most effective means of addressing the issues.  IPL or laser closure of the small veins will make little difference here.

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