How long do I have to wait for a repeat Kenalog Injection for an Acne Cyst?

I got a Kenalog injection for an Acne Cyst two days ago. It got a little bit better but I can tell that it is still really big and deep. How long do I have to wait to get a repeat kenalog injection?

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Intra-lesional Injections for the Treatment of Cystic ACNE

If indeed acne presents with inflammatory lesions, we find it useful to treat them with intra-lesional injections of Kenalog. These are generally suggested weekly for 2 or 3 sessions if progress is noted. There is a maximum dose per treatment and overall, however, otherwise , adverse effects of dimpling or skin atrophy might result.Other treatments such as oral Accutane and  laser therapy can also help to reduce inflammatory lesions caused by overproductive sebum.

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