Have a Toe Shortening Surgery and Still Run After?

I want to have the Toe shortening surgery done, but my friends tell me not too. I feel that my toes are too long for my foot. My pinkie toe is the only one that looks like it belongs on my foot; the rest of my toes are extra long. Also, my right foot is bigger than the other one because my right foot's big toe is bigger. The only thing that is holding me back is that I am on a track and field team. It is possible for me to have the surgery and still run after?

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Risks probably outweigh the benefits

If you were speaking about one toe, this might be feasible but I would strongly discourage you from undergoing multiple toe shortenings.

If you are considering this, I would consult with a foot and ankle specialist (orthopedic surgeon) as well as a podiatrist.

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