Thinning Skin in Hands, Arms and Thighs (Age 29)

Hi, I am 29 year old, and I need help in what to do with my thinning skin. My vein shows a lot in my hands do to the skin. they look like old lady hands. my arms and thights are the same, they are super soft and some of the skin hangs, so it shows i have a lot of cellulite. I am scare cause I am only 29 and I always been thin, I weight 120 and I also go to gym, it dont help.. Please any advice? Thank you

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Thin skin in a young person

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Before you get tempted in trying procedures to improve your thin skin you should get a consultation with a dermatologist. You may have a condition that could increase your risk in scarring from lasers or filler injections. Fillers help hands look good but there not easily done on arms and thighs for thin skin.

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