What's the best treatment for the scaly bumps under my eyes? (photo)

I have scaley like bumps that make me look tired and I would love a smooth surface. What's the best treatment to get rid of these without scaring? I've used Tretin-X 0.0375% Cream 35Gm with no improvement. Any advice? Thanks

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Underye Bumps

I completely agree with Dr. Emer. These bumps are found in everyone, although they may be larger and more cosmetically obvious in certain individuals (such as yourself). Laser treatments are the treatment of choice for this. Fraxel reStore laser treatments have relatively little downtime compared to more aggressive CO2 lasers (such as the Active/Deep FX device), but will require many more treatments over a longer period of time. All the best.

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How To Rid Bumps Under Eyes

Those bumps are your natural oil glands.  Tretinoin is unlikely to be too helpful.  Even though people advocate chemical peels, I find that Fraxel laser over time gives the best results.  Of course a deeper treatment such as co2 laser resurfacing would be more helpful but has much more downtime.  Consult a cosmetic dermatologist with expertise in treating fine lines and wrinkles and scars with lasers.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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