What is the Best Course of Action for Facial Scars from Stitches Needed to Heal Cuts? (photo)

I tried laser treatment but that did not really help. The forehead scar gets pretty red sometimes. I

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Scar revision and z plasty

This scar may benefit most by scar revision z plasty to camouflage the existing scars.  Although I perform many non-invasive scar treatments, sometimes traditional scar revision can be the best. 

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Scar Revision

Facial scars are most noticeable for a few reasons: 1) color and 2) texture and 3) depth.  Scars never fully go away, technically, but they can be improved in appearance so that they are minimally noticeable.  If the color is different, that attracts attention.  If the scar is raised (like a keloid) or depressed, that again attracts attention.  The least noticeable scars are the ones that are pencil thin and light or skin color and scars can be revised to improve the appearance.  There are also special creams that are used to improve facial scars right after revision that are only available through a specialist.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can best assist you in revising your scars.

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