What Technique Would You Recommend for Male Nipple Reduction? (photo)

I want to reduce the largeness/width of my nipples (height is not a problem).I don’t want them to be completely removed.A surgeon i saw suggested to divide the nipples horizontaly, remove the lower part and then turn the upper part down.But I also read that there is a chevron logo incision technique (can this technique be used on me or are my nipples to small for that technique?).what is the best approach(es) to reduce the nipple circumference/width in a case like mine?How would you treat me?

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Orientation of excision and closure determine nipple dimensions...

The orientation of the excision and closure will be the determinant of the nipple shape.  A horizontal excision with folding over of the nipple will reduce the height, while a vertical wedge excision will narrow the width of the nipple.  Discuss your desired end points again with your surgeon so that he may adjust the excision to achieve the outcome that you desire.

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Nipple Reduction for Male?

Thank you for the question.

Given that your concern is the width (not the height) of the nipples, I think removing a small triangular segment  of the nipple will serve to decrease the width of the nipple while not changing the height.  The technique that the surgeon you saw recommended to you will decrease the height of the nipple.

I hope this helps.

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