Syneron Triniti Treatment Left Bar Marks, Right It Wrong? (photo)

I have just had the second of 3 Syneron Triniti treatments. Both times have left bars or stripes on my face which take ages to heal. I have an appointment in 3 days to discuss why this has happened as I don't believe thus is correct. Please advise if this is a normal result. Thankyou.

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Bar marks after IPL

IPL can cause bar marks (squares, etc) in some patients.  Ideally, the settings begin low and then are increased with each treatment to help decrease the chance of this phenomenon.  Most bar marks fade away with time.

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Bar marks after Syneron Triniti Treatment

Yeowza! No, this is absolutely NOT a normal response or treatment. I have been performing Syneron treatments in my office for over a decade and I can tell you 100% that no, this is not a correct treatment. Syneron Triniti treatments are a 3 series treatment approach, and therefore, settings must be adjusted lower, which clearly they weren't in your case. It's the IPL FotoFacial portion that burned you and left you with the bar marks. Triniti treatments are much more advanced than a single treatment setting and clearly your technician wasn't properly trained on the protocol settings, as this should definitely not have occurred.

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Syneron Triniti Treatment Left Bar Marks, Right It Wrong? (photo)

The Syneron Triniti treatments use a combination of THREE energy patterns. The risks of using non invasive therapies is poor results and/or burns (as you have receive twice now!(. Best to STOP these therapies to allow full healing from the second degree burns. You can not blame the technology only the provider's lack of training. In your posted photos the results are going to be minimal anyway. Non invasive therapies give minimally noticed results in majority of examples. Sorry for your poor experience. 

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