Best Sunscreen for Men?

one that has all the protection necessary when using lightening products (hydroquinone), but wont be too shiny or heavy? Brands? and how often should it be re-applied during a normal day of running errands?

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Sunscreen for men

Dear Caleb,

Above all, your sunscreen should provide full spectrum (broad) UVA and UVB protection.  Then, depending on your skin type, as opposed to your gender, a sunscreen should be selected.  For example, if you have sensitive/allergic skin, a physical block will be used since this has minimal to no it will be best tolerated.  Or, if you have skin with acne or acne rosacea, a sunblock with niacinamide would be a good choice.  If you have dry skin, you might chose a sunblock with hyaluronic acid as a non-comedogenic moisturizer.  If you have uneven pigmentation, you might chose a sunblock with a tint.  Elta-MD is a sunblock manufacturer with more than 7 categories of you and your doctor can chose the best one for your skin type.

Best of luck,

Dr. Michelle Yagoda, NYC Facial Plastic Surgeon

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