I Only Have Stretch Marks Around my Navel...stomach Very Flat. What Are my Options?

I am 28, 5'4 100lbs. I have two children and after my second I now have stretch marks only around my navel. They are about and inch above and below and only in that area. I want to know what my options are. I dont have enough loose skin for a tuck (in my opinion) and I dont want to undergo that invasive of a procedure regardless. What are myoptions?

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Fractional Laser treatments reduce stretch marks around the navel

Fractional Laser treatments reduce stretch marks around the navel. Fractional lasers can be either non-ablative as with Fraxel or ablative as with Alma Pixel. In all cases treatments must be repeated to be effective.

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Los Angeles Stretch Marks

Thanks for the question.

Stretch marks are a difficult problem to manage as complete eradication, at least at present, is not possible. However, there are treatment options which can produce modest to significant improvement. These include collagen induction therapy and fractional laser resurfacing, in combination with a sound skincare regime. We see the most favorable outcomes in those patients who are willing to follow through consistently with skincare in combination with the aforementioned techniques.

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Shrinking skin and stretchmarks

In my experience there are none. If the skin is loose enough you can remove it, tummy tuck etc, and in the process remove stretchmarks or shift them into less visible areas. I have not been happy with any of the proposes procedures/machines proposed to remove or minimize them. That may change in the future with advances in machinery and technology.

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