Stitches Rejection After Mommy Makeover. Options For Scar Revision? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck and breast lift two years ago and rejected the stitches in a major way. The scar on my breast is almost 2 inches wide! The scaring is the same on my stomach. They go from practically invisible to 2-3 inches wide! Is there any way to fix this without further MAJOR surgery? I do NOT want to have that surgery again.

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Laser or surgery to revise mommy makeover scar

Scar revision surgery can be performed in small stages to minimize recovery.  Another option is to undergo fractional laser skin resurfacing to retexture the skin. 

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Scars after mommy makeover

Sorry to learn you having scar problems. It is good that you gave time for the scars to settle. Any thing after two years is likely to be permanent. You can try non surgical methods, such as laser or dermabrasion. These are good to flatten an elevated scar. But probably have limited effect on wide and depressed scars. They can also improve the scar color.

Ultimately, scar revision may your best option. You can still run into the same problems you had after the mommy makeover, however.


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