What Steps Should I Take While Acne Scar is Healing?

I had a pimple on my nose that would not heal until I removed the small hard, deep core. It is starting to heal now but is still not "dry" I will be left with a scar between an icepick & box car. No dermatologist can see me for a month. I'm taking naproxin in an attempt to reduce inflammation, keeping it moist, and firmly bandaging at night. What further steps can I take to minimize scarring? Should I stop anything I am currently doing? Thank you.

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Healing from acne

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Advice that I give to my patients are to treat their pimples gently and not to pick.  It can be very hard to resist the temptation to pick at a pimple but typically that only makes it worse.  I prefer Aquaphor Healing Ointment for any scabbed areas.  An oral antibiotic can help a large pimple settle down by treating any infection and to reduce inflammation.  An injection of low strength Kenalog (a type of cortisone) can be dramatically helpful to settle down a large pimple.   

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Minimize scarring after pimple. I would consider laser resurfacing care.

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You should keep that area covered with a light coat of vaseline. This could lead to more breakouts if you apply too liberally. It should really just be on the area of injury.

Philip Young, MD
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