I have hypertrophic acne scars, large pores and ice pick scars. What treatment can I do? (Photo)

Hypertrophic acne sca, red in colour. bump on my nose. On the other side, the is a more flatter wider bump that is normal skin colour but raised, so looks uneven like a bump too. Also I have large pores and these small ice pick ( deeper small holes ) on the sides of my nose close. My skin is always oily. Also I have like a rash of small pimples but I am in the direct sun for 4 hours a day. What treatment can I do, or plastic surgery instead? Should I see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon?

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​Hypertrophic scars on the nose and how to treat them.

Hypertrophic scars on the nose and how to treat them. You can treat these hypertrophic scars with plastic surgery. You might want to consider some aggressive skin treatments to see what is actually permanent and unchanging and that would require some aggressive skin treatments including chemical peels. Once this is all established and you have nothing active and you can see what is really permanent. Based on your pictures I don't see very active acne there is slight redness but that could just be something quite permanent for you but you will need to use CO2 lasers or other lasers 2 take those scars down.

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Improving scars and large pores

I like to use Infini for this. Laser resurfacing is an alternative too. On darker skin, Infini is safer. A good skin care regime is also needed. Although it will take more treatments with less effects, microneedling can also be used.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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