Smart Lipo Vs. Smart Lipo MPX

I'm lost. I want to do smart lipo but I want to know if the difference between smart lipo and smart lipo MPX is that great. If I want to get MPX then I'd have to travel four hours to Seattle. Is the difference worth it?

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You want to travel for smart lipo TRIPLEX. It has three wavelengths of energy rather than MPX has two.  The added wavelength in Triplex is 1440nm and it is absorbed by fat 40x more than those used in MPX.  More fat melted in shorter time and better results 

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MPX stands for "multiplex"

MPX means "multiplex" since the Smartlipo system uses 2 laser wavelengths to treat.  The new model called the "Triplex" uses 3 laser wavelengths to customize tightening of the skin vs. melting of fat and coagulation of vessels.

Jay Zimmerman, MD
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SmartLipo vs. MPX vs. TriPlex vs. the next generation - which is better?

It is difficult to separate the marketing of specific devices from facts as the technologies evolve. As many of my colleagues have pointed out, these devices are tools and nothing more. The credentials and experience of the surgeon are by far the most important factor when making a decision to have any kind of Plastic Surgery - including liposuction! However, those of us who have used various liposuction technologies over the past 15 years, are finding real benefits to our patients with the latest SmartLipo devices compared to earlier versions.

Much the same way that computer processors have changed, medical technologies continue to evolve in the same way which makes it hard for even the most savvy consumer to keep up with. SmartLipo performed 10 years ago is different than what we do today. The newest platform know as the SmartLipo Triplex (previously MPX) has multiple wavelengths and powers to choose from to optimize the results for each patient. The original SmartLipo devices demonstrated the potential value of breaking up fat cells and heating the dermis (deep layer of the skin) using laser before suctioning out the fat. However, the improvements now incorporated into the TriPlex system

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Smartlipo MPX and Triplex are improved versions of Smartlipo

The most important element in any liposuction procedure is the experience and skill of the physician who is using the device. That being said and if everything else is equal, the difference between Smartlipo and Smartlipo MPX is the power of the machine. The faster the fat can be heated and melted, the more efficient and effective the liposuction procedure and result will be. But as the power of the machine increases, the skill and experience of the physician using it becomes even more important to avoid complications and areas of too much fat removal.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Smartlipo MPX and Triplex are improved versions

Dear Yasmine, I had the same question and spent nine months researching the differences between traditional lipo and Smartlipo, Slimlipo, Prolipo, Lipolite…etc. When I initially evaluated Smartlipo, I considered it a gimmick. However, since it was launched in 2006, the technology has evolved and the newer versions (MPX and Triplex) are legitimate skin smoothing and skin tightening tools. The data supporting skin tightening have been emerging over the past two years (example: Dibernardo BE et al. Evaluation of skin tightening after laser-assisted liposuction. Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 2009 Sep-Oct;29(5):400-7). The data demonstrating the superior safety of tumescent technique versus traditional (general anesthesia) liposuction are abundant.
The laser is not a magic wand, it is a tool used to optimize the procedure. Your outcome ultimately depends on the nature of your skin in the proposed area of treatment, talents of your physician, and post-procedure care.

Daniel Levy, MD
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There is a big difference between Smartlipo and Smartlipo MPX

Smartlipo was one of the first lasers used for laser lipolysis (disruption of fat cells) by the use of a Yag laser with a single wavelength. This was effective for treating small areas and had the added benefit of skin tightening due to the thermal heating of the collagen. Smartlipo MPX provides a second wavelength making it a much more powerful tool for fat removal and skin tightening.

In addition, with the MPX there are enhanced safety features that make the treatment not only safer, but allow for more accurate and predictable results. It provides superior lipolysis, faster treatment time, less bruising, and improved tissue tightening due to the dual wavelength and improved energy delivery system. The most important factor in achieving optimal results, as with any plastic surgery procedure, is seeking a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience and expertise in the procedure you are requesting. Don't let distance be the determining factor in your decision. Good Luck!

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
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Make sure your surgeon has significant experience

Dear Yasmine,

The most important answer to your question is to go where the surgeon has the most experience. An extremely skilled liposuction surgeon can do better with traditional liposuction than an inexperienced surgeon using Smart Lipo.

Having said that, the MPX system is a definite improvement over the older single laser system. The MPX combines a 1320nm laser with the 1064nm in order to cause better skin tightening in a shorter period of time. While it is true that if a lot of extra skin is present, you will need a Tummy Tuck for best results, a Smartlipo MPX procedure can result in significant improvement in patients not wanting to undergo an extensive procedure. Good luck.

Dr. Cuber

Shain A. Cuber, MD
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Smartlipo MPX is the latest technology

Laser-assisted lipolysis with Smarlipo has undergone significant change in the last 2 years. Smartlipo MPX has a dual laser to try to give the benefits of fat melting as well as tissue contraction.

I think that one of the benefits of the MPX machine is that it is able to deliver the joules in a shorter period of time, thereby shortening the procedure itself. Smartlipo is done under local anesthesia and the procedure usually takes longer than tumescent liposuction done under general anesthesia.

Having the MPX Smartlipo will shorten how much time you will be in surgery, although it is still a lengthy process. Patients who undergo Samrtlipo usually have oral sedation. If you are an extremely nervous patient, lyiing on an operating room table awake for 3 hours may not be the best choice.

Just as important as which machine (if any) your doctor uses is the experience and qualification of that physician. If you look at blogs or online chat rooms, there are many sad stories of patients who went for the latest technology but forgot to check the doctor qualifications.

Using a Board-certified plastic surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery) who is experienced in all aspects of liposuction would be preferable over choosing someone who started doing liposuction in their practice a few months ago but happens to have the latest technology.

Look at the doctor's before and after photos and speak with several patients. There are great results that can be obtained without a laser and without having to travel 4 hours. On the other hand if your tissue elasticity is questionable, it may be worth having the possibility of skin contraction with the Smartlipo MPX.

At our plastic surgery office, we offer both Smartlio MPX and tumescent liposuction without laser. We have very happy patients with each technology, but we make recommendations based on each individual's goals and body type.

Francisco Canales, MD
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SmartLipo Triplex - Latest and Greatest!

Laser assisted liposuction - using laser energy to destroy fat cells - has evolved from the first introduction of the SmartLipo laser system. This system used a single wavelength Nd:YAG laser to assist in fat removal.

SmartLipo MPX added a second wavelength 1320nm and increased the power to improve the skin tightening strength of this laser.

And, most recently, the SmartLipo Triplex added a third wavelength 1440nm as well as an accelerometer and a temperature sensing tip that now improves the speed and safety of fat removal. This also allows sculpting of the face and neck and knees and ankles.

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Kirk A. Churukian, MD
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Why do you want Smart lipo anyway?

There have been NO scientific studies to date that confirm the results of Smart lipo to be any better than traditional liposuction in the hands of a skilled surgeon. The talent and training of the doctor and the quality and elasticity of your skin are the most important factors in determining outcomes.

If your skin isn't going to shrink well, Smart lipo of any kind isn't going to help make it better. Like SO MANY gimmicks in plastic surgery, the latest and greatest frequently aren't so great and wind up on the scrap heap in a few short years with a long trail of unhappy patients left behind.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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