Is Severe Bruising a Normal Side Effect of Smart Lipo MPX?

I had Smart Lipo MPX 3 days ago on the inner, outer thighs, knees upper thigh area, hip/butt and small pouch around belly button.

I have severe bruising on the back of left thigh from upper to below knee; I mean deep purple far more swollen than the other side with an almost hard feeling and feel strange when I walk.

I have redness on that leg also underneath that is sore almost like a burn and small spot on abdomen skin that is like a burn, like I touched it with the iron. It’s very sore. Is this normal?

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Bruising after lipo

extensive bruising can occur after lipo but it is important that you are seen by your surgeon to be sure nothing else is going on like infection

New Haven Plastic Surgeon
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Everyone is different in the healing process

It is almost impossible to determine who is going to bruise more following a procedure. There are several variables to determine this including what types of medications you are currently taking, if you drink alcohol, etc. I wouldn't be too worried about this bruising. There are some things that you can take that may help in this process including traumatic injury drops by Arnica.

Jeffrey Adelglass, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Bruising can occur with any type of lipo. It is neither good nor bad.

Bruising can occur with any type of lipo.  It is neither good nor bad.  Some people are just more likely to bruise after lipo.  If you have taken some products that make you bleed more easily, this can also contribute to the bruising.  Aspirin, vitamin E,  and ibuprofen are examples of OTC products that increase the risk of bleeding and bruising.

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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Severe bruising and redness after Smart Lipo

Severe bruising is not a common post Smart Lipo condition.  It can happen though and will delay your recovery.

Make sure you point out the red areas to your physician as they may be indicative of a burn from the laser.  It's also a possible localized infection.

Kenneth L. Stein, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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It is unusual to get significant bruising with Smart Lipo

it is very unusual to get significant bruising from smartlipo. All plastic surgeons add epinephrine to the fluid we place before doing the Smartlipo and this usually eliminates all but the most minor bruising.

Also, you should not have burns. you need to go back to your plastic surgeon (i hope you used a plastic surgeon) and have him/her look at you. it may be worth looking at your coagulation studies (ie have a blood test to make sure that you have normal results). also did you take any aspirin before surgery since that willl interfere with clotting and can lead to a lot of bruising.

David E. Berman, MD
Sterling Plastic Surgeon
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That bruising not typical of Smartlipo MPX

Honestly, what you describe is very unusual after Smartlipo, or even regular liposuction.  It is important that you check with your physician.  It concerns me that it is more swollen on one side and feels strange when you walk.  That kind of bruising is not a normal side effect of Smartlipo MPX.

Daryl K. Hoffman, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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