I Have a Small Waist & Big Butt Naturally, but I Want a Flat Abdomen and Rounder Butt. Which Procedure Would Be Right for Me?

I have been researching the BBL and lipo but then I was wondering if I just get liposuction to my abdomen and hips would that give the appearance of a rounder buttock? Also would the BBL add smoothness to my buttock?

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Your posted photos show that your body concentrates fat between the hips and midthigh area especially on the back and sides of the body. This is a genetic predisposition programed from birth. There may be less obvious areas that may need to be addressed such as the abdomen and back of the upper arms but those are better assessed at a face to face examination. The photos also show cellulite of the buttocks and thighs.

These are best addressed by liposuction but you need to be aware of the following before proceeding:

  1. these excess fat deposits have created excess skin and not all of this will shrink back after the fat is removed i.e. you made additional surgery to address excess skin but that should be 6 or more months after liposuction to give the skin time to shrink
  2. if you do not change your lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise the fat deposits will re-accumulate and most likely have to do so elsewhere on the body once these fat holding cells are removed i.e. you will have to do some work to maintain the results of surgery
  3. given your dark skin color the resulting liposuction scars can be quite visible in terms of color difference skin texture etc. i.e. make sure your surgeon uses as few skin holes as possible and only in areas where they will be least noticeable
  4. the loss of smoothness you describe is cellulite and will not improve by liposuction alone but if there is excess skin for removal later on the cellulite can be significantly improved with the removal of that excess skin

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