Small Bump on Neck? (photo)

Bump on my neck...went to ent...told me thyroglossal duct cyst. A few weeks have passed and the bump appears to be changing. Its marble sized lump now that is turning red and hurts when i touch it. i compare it to the pimples you get on your back that hurt. its feels that. Because of the change in appearance, i'm noticing these epidermal cysts online and wondering if i should go 2 a dermitologist instead which is a less evasive procedure of removal than the thyroglossal duct cyst diagnosis.

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Cyst on neck

A second opinion from a dermatologist is a good idea. A thyroglossal duct cyst will usually move upward when you stick out your tongue and usually doesn't get infected like the one in your photo. Although it may be one it looks like a simple infected sebaceous cyst which is a much simpler surgery.  Get the second opinion.  

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