Slight Indent on Tip of Nose in the Middle, I Think Due to the Squeezing out of Blackheads?

I was squeezing blackheads out of my nose about a week I have noticed a slight indentation in the middle of my nose. Im not really sure if its just a couple of large pores grouped together or what but in certain lights it looks more noticable. I have a derm appt in a couple of days. What are some questions I could bring up to my derm? And are there any treatments that can help with large pores and slight indentions on the nose? Any professional advice would really set my mind at ease

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Indentations on Nose Gone

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There are a few things that you can do to remove blackheads, but the first cardinal rule is to not squeeze them excessively. This can lead to scarring. The best treatment for blackheads are topical retinoids such as Retin A or Tazorac which help to unclog the pores, decrease oil production, decrease inflammation, and increase cell turnover in the skin. Great products. I recommend getting facial regularly as this will help improve overall skin tone and removal of comedones (i.e., blackheads and whiteheads). If the indentations are noticeable, you can always try to fill them in with products such as Juvederm or Restylane which are hyaluronic acid fillers that are placed in the mid dermis to improve imperfections. Lasers can even be used such as CO2 fraxel or the E-Matrix. These lasers particularly the later can improve pore size. Ask about other lasers such as Nd:Yag (Laser genesis) which can help pore size. Hope this helps.

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