Does Skincare with Growth Factors Pose a Problem for Cancer Survivors?

Looking for skincare without cancer causing or hormone interrupting ingredients. Any particular line better than another?

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Skincare with growth factors and cancer risk

Growth factors applied on the skin most likely will not increase the risk of systemic cancers as they don't penetrate deeply enough.

Whether growth factors can stimulate precancerous growths on the skin to become cancerous is not known, but I would recommend not using growth factors on patients with either a history of skin cancer or active precancerous lesions on the skin.

Look at Vivite, Allergan's line of skin care.  It does not contain growth factors, but does have retinol and antioxidants.

Also, there are a number of over the counter products that work well for skin care, like cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreens, like Neutrogena or Aveeno.

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