Will Silicone Sheets Work for Stretch Marks?

I am a young girl with stretch marks mainly on my tummy. I'm not hugely over weight and that's a big reason why I am confused about how I got so many of them. I am trying to find a cheap and non-invasive way to get rid of them. Would silicone sheets work?

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No Easy Answer For Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks are nothing more then tears of the deeper layers of the skin.  It is like getting cut, but not through the outer layer of the skin.   This puts a scar in the dermal layer that really is difficult to rid yourself of.  Topical creams, etc do not work at all, so do not waste your money.  Silcione sheeting will probably not have any effect either.  Sometimes you can laser them and the intervening areas to make it a less norticeable  transition, but the only way to be rid of them compeltely  would be to cut those areas out, which is generally not an option.  I hope this helps.

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