I have VERY sensitive, loose, and problematic skin. What can I do? I'm only 18 and I feel so aged! (Photo)

My skin is very sensitive to sun, medication, etc. I have extreme discoloration, redness, it's very loose, and I have tiny tears it seems in between my brows. I am already getting botox for my deep forehead crease and 11's, but what can I do to tighten my face and get rid of all the discoloration. I know I cannot do lasers or peels... My skin will definitely scar. I also seem to have really weird clear hairs that really show on my face?

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Facial Aging and Textural Complaints

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You should seek the help of a cosmetic dermatologist with expertise in lasers, peels, and neuromodulation.  Your skin is typical of persons your age and can be treated quite easily by an experienced skin doctor.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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