Z-Plasty For Scar Revision Recommended For My Chin? (photo)

I had a fall in 2007 as a result of which i hurt my chin really badly. I had to get my chin stitched. After the 1st stitching i realized the doctor had not done a good job,so i had another operation to get a scar revision in 2009. Now its been 3 years and the scar is still very obvious. Recently i consulted a plastic surgeon and he said i needed a z plasty. I am attaching my picture. Do you think a z plasty will help? I am a bit scared coz i dont want my scar to get worse :(

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Revision of a depressed linear scar on chin

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For a long depressed scar on chin I would recommend excising the entire scar and either resuturing it in straight line or a broken line. A broken line may be made up of many small z-, w-, or similar "plasties." A consultation with a doctor experienced in revising scars is important. Choose someone you trust! Best of luck to you.

Columbus Dermatologist

Improving a chin scar with laser and surgery

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Subcision and surgical scar revision are both good options for your scars.  In some cases, fractional CO2 may improve your scar texture. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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