Saturday Night I Got into a Big Altercation..I Have a Bite on my Left Cheek (Not by a Dog)? (photo)

Swollen with redness..I've tried putting ice to reduce swelling but it doesn't seem to help..what can I do to reduce the swelling and redness and to prevent dark spotting? I have a family gathering coming up and I don't want them to see my face in this state.

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How to reduce bruising and swelling

You are lucky the skin wasn't punctured!  Although you are a bit late in doing this, stock up on arnica both the oral pills and a topical gel and follow the instructions on the boxes.  It will help to reduce swelling and bruising better than anything.  If you are near a doctors office who has a VBeam laser or a Sciton BBL system, they can be used to break up the bruise for faster resolution.  Lastly consider a camoflage makeup if bruising persists.

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