Is there a procedure that can fix my bad skin pigmentation/complexion and lighten my skin tone? (photos)

I want to get rid of all the redness and acne scars. I also want to lighten my skin tone to the color of my natural skin tone. When I was little I would face the sun alot without any sun protection so my face skin tone is now like 10 shades darker than that of the rest of my body. I have already tried chemical peels and they don't seem to be of much help, so I want to try something stronger, possibly some sort of laser. I have already used glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and TCA peels (up to 50%).

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Uneven Pigmentation and Redness and Treatment NYC

Most of my patients have exactly the same problem and I have found over the years that topical therapy is the first key to improving the skin.  A combination of retinoids and bleaching creams is key to the process.  This combined with chemical peels, IPL, V-Beam, Clear and Brilliant or Fraxel laser are the key steps.  Please consult an expert since this condition can be treated effectively.  Best, Dr. Green

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