What Should I Do to Get Rid of Black Marks and Blackheads and Pigmentation Marks on Face Due to Acne?

what should i do to get rid of black marks and blackheads and pigmentation marks on face due to acne? wen i am alredy on treatment wid accutane...is there any creams i shud nt apply this tyme..any natural method

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Accutane and black marks

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Since you are on Accutane, you must be very gentle with your skin.  Use a mild wash and a moisturizer such as CeraVe lotion.  You should avoid the sun since you may sunburn more easily and the dark marks can become darker.  Accutane will help your blackheads.  Once you have finished your Accutane, your dermatologist can recommend possible treatments for the pigmentation.

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Acne while on Accutane

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To get rid of black heads while you are on Accutane, you should visit your dermatologist regularly and have blackheads extracted with a special tool.  You should avoid using any topicals at this time as your skin is extra sensitive.  To help with dark pigmentation, you should always wear a sun screen during the day with an SPF 30 or higher; this will help prevent the dark spots from getting darker while you are on Accutane.  Use a gentle cleanser like cetaphil and good moisturizer at night before bedtime. 

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