Will a Regimen of Tretinoin and Laser Treatments Help my Stretch Marks? (photo)

I had a consultation for fractional co2 laser resurfacing treatments for my stretch marks. My marks are over 10 years old. They're deep, white, and extend to my rib cage. I was told using tertinion in combination with "about" 3 laser treatments would give me 80% improvement. I truly understand nothing gets rid of stretchmarks, so I'm only looking for improvement. After researching and the lack of before and after photos, 80% just seems too high. What kind of results can expect from laser treatments?

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Lasers for Stretch Marks

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I would agree 80% improvement is probably unrealistic. 
Stretch marks also called striae are actually permanent dermal scars. Use of retinoids often make them pink so that certain types of lasers can have their energy absorbed better. In my experience if stretch marks are pink 30-50% is all the maximum improvement for most. I personally prefer the Diolite or Tuneable Dye laser very helpful for this problem.

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