A Person Have Read LaViv is Good for Treating Nasolabial Fold Wrinkles, Can It Treat Other Areas?

Would this be a treatment to consider for crows feet?

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LaViv for smile lines

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Laviv (azficel-T) is the first and only FDA-approved therapy that uses your own collagen-producing cells (fibroblasts) to improve the look of smile lines.  Currently, it is only approved for nasolabial folds.  It works like this: the dermatologist takes three small samples of skin from behind the ear.  The skin samples are then sent to a laboratory, where fibroblast cells (cells that make collagen in the skin) are expanded to create your Laviv.  Three months later, it is sent back to the dermatologist, who injects Laviv over three treatment sessions.  South Beach Dermatology is a Laviv certified facility. 

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