Had Laser Treatment and Tretiva to fix moderate acne, what can I do about redness and scars left? How much time will it take?

I always get moderate acne in monsoon ,this time I was excited to get laser treatment to get my acne clear but I was wrong I breakout very badly after 2 session I consulted other dermatologist to clear my self after 3 month course of tretiva I am 100% acne free but I got my face with redness and scars will it be clear and how much time will it take

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Improving red acne scars

If you have skin types 1-3, the Excel V or VBeam lasers are good to treat red acne scars. If you have darker skin types, Infini is a good choice. Other measures include PRP, subcision, TCA cross, and PRP. Bellafill might be needed for deeper scars.

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