What Products or Process Can Help Remove Dark Spots on the Legs? Can Microdermabrasion or Peels Help? (photo)

Hi, thought I'd find some answers here. So here's my story so you can get a clear picture of my case. Hm, I used to have a good looking pair of legs, I mean, not so flawless but one that has no spots. Last January, I had an insect bite, though I don't know what that is, and now, I am have these 2 unsightly dark spots that I can't remove. I do have a very sensitive skin, that when I scratch, it could easily leave brown marks. What can I do? I want my legs back =(

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Brown spots on legs

I would speak to a PS or Derm about a bleaching cream and possibly Retin-A.  Other than that, allowing time to pass, and STRICTLY avoiding getting sun on the area I don't have another treatment.  It may be permanent, but hopefully it can be improved.  Best of luck to you.

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