Best Procedure to Fix Uneven Eyebrows?

I have naturally uneven eyebrows. I was born like that and have not had anything done. I am looking for a way to fix them but I do not want Botox. I was thinking plastic surgery but I do not know what procedure would be best and what the cost would be. I live PA and I'm 18. I don't drink or smoke.

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Eyebrows Uneven

You did not provide photos and your description doesn't say if the eyebrows are uneven because of hair distribution or if the eyebrows are similar but at different levels. All surgeries carry risks and you are mature enough to understand them but you should also ask questions. You must communicate with your surgeon, tell him/her what it is that makes you unhappy, what you wish to accomplish with the procedure, and certainly discuss your health history. It is up to your physician to explain the different procedures to you, what the pros and cons are, what the potential risks and complications may be and how often they occur, what can be done if a complication does occur, whether your expectations are realistic, what the scars would be, etc. If it is matter of hair distribution, then single hair grafts can be done at your age as an outpatient. Be sure to seek out a very experienced hair transplantation surgeon. If it is a problem or the eyebrows being at different levels, you need to consider all of the information the surgeon gives you.

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Variety of options for brow asymmetry and uneveness

To some degree, minor asymmetry of the face is normal. Correcting the problem you describe is not without risk. It could create a worse problem than you already have. So you really need to assess whether it is that severe.

It is difficult for me to advise you because I do not have a photograph but there are a variety of options that range from non-surgical to progressively more invasive and include:

  1. Botox (although you state you do not wish to have this)
  2. Permanent pigmentation (Tattoo)
  3. Hair grafts
  4. Transblepharoplasty Brow Pexy or Lift
  5. Supraciliary (Direct) Brow lift
  6. Pretrichal Brow lift
  7. Temporal Brow lift
  8. Endoscopic Brow Lift

These can be performed on one side or differentially on both sides.

However, at your age I would not strongly recommend any intervention unless it is prominent.

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