Please Help What Would Be the Best Treatment for my Acne Scars? (photo)

I have been struggling with acne since the 4th grade! I have very oily skin in the T- Zone, Broke out really bad in college and had to go on Accutane. I had laser procedure done about 5 years ago that cost me $2000.00 made my face red for 6months and minimized the scars a bit with the use of obagi products. But now the acne scars are still there on both my cheeks. This is my last attempt at the age of 32 to do something about it!

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In our office we have 2 lasers done together that would give you great results Profractional laser and micro laser peel.  If after that treatment you were looking for more we would recommend a mini face lift to stretch out your skin  from the scar that are deep. You should see a PS to help you give you permanent options for you situation. Good luck.




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No cure for acne scars

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Unfortunately, there is no way I know to get you the result you really want which is smooth skin without evidence of the acne scars.  I have seen patients over the years who have done virtully everything known to man like dermabrasion, chemical peels, lasers, facelifts and others.  In the end they always wished for more of a result so be very specific about your expectations from whareever you go and make sure they feel they can meet or exceed them otherwise, it would be better to save your money.

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