Please Help Me With My Acne/Severe Acne Scarring? (photo)

I have been dealing with severe acne throughout my whole teenage experience and up until now have it has been causing severe self-confidence issues. I am 18, Hispanic and I am just looking for direction towards treatments that can perhaps eliminate or treat my acne and my severe scarring. I am currently using a 2.0 mm dermaroller. I am taking vitamin supplements with a double dosage of Vitamin C with Rosehip Oil. I would like pointers. I am becoming desperate, please help me with my problem.

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First we need to determine the cause...

is there a strong family history of acne?  Have you been exposed to halogens such as flouride, iodide or chloride?  I've had amazing results with some patients by having them stop all dairy and gluten in their diet.  You should be on a retinoid every night to help prevent comedone formation.  A topical antibiotic may be helpful as could culturing your nose to see if you harbour bacteria there.  I would suggest seeing an integrative dermatologist who looks at all aspects of health and disease.  Then once it is under control there are several options to treat scarring such as laser resurfacing, dermapen and even the diamondtone microdermabrasion.  Hope this helps you find the solution!

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Acne Scars

We have found great success using a machine called the E-Matrix to help treat acne scars.  It uses radiofrequency (instead of light or a laser) to help rebuild the damaged areas.  Since it is using radiofrequency it is safe to do on your skin type. We normally recommend a series of 6 treatments to see best results and also would recommend getting started on medical grade at home skin care products. Good luck!

Kevin Rose, MD
Provo Plastic Surgeon
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In a hispanic person, I believe that the Infini is best for acne scars

The Infini uses microneedling as well as radiofrequency.  I will not cause hyperpigmentation as lasers can in you skin type.  It would have to be done several times just like you would if you used the Fraxel laser.  It goes deeper than the laser as well.  It new to the US and we are lucky to be one of the first users of this device.  Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgery, Destin, Florida.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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