Will Insurance Cover Surgery for Excess Skin Causing Irritation?

I have lost 85-90 pounds and my skin is overlapping. At times, it causes me to get skin irritation and it begins to itch. I have to put baby powder within the folded area because of this problem. Is it considered medical and will my insurance cover any plastic surgery for this?

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Insurance coverage for dermolipectomy (excess or loose skin removal) following massive weight loss.

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There is no way to tell as each insurance carrier has different criteria for coverage. Your best bet is to meet with a plastic surgeon and then have them draft a letter, often with supporting documents or photos, requesting a predetermination of benefits from your carrier.

Insurance coverage for excess skin

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After massive weight loss, the excess skin can most definitely cause problems for patients as you describe.  However, many insurance companies will not pay for the excision because they think it is cosmetic. Good documentation by your dermatologist, or internist may help your chances.

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