Deep Wrinkle/Puffiness in Cheek? (photo)

I am looking to find a term for the deep wrinkle in my cheek. I am not sure if this is due to aging or if it related to sinus issues. It seems less apparent at different times of year when the seasons are changing. I am a 28 year old, female, with no other health issues.

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Deep Wrinkle in Cheek

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Although the 2 photos provide limited insight, I can see what you are describing.  At 28, you have beautiful skin and could certainly elect to wait before doing anything.  This finding is probably made worse by fatigue, allergies, worse in the AM etc. However, the photos do show a relatively flat midface with early formation of what we describe as a "malar bag".  Augmentation of the midface with Sculptra could be beneficial in adding volume to your cheeks and minimizing this feature.

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