Chin Scarring? (photo)

Had some chemical peels and acleara treatment and noticed bumpy/uneven skin back in May. Had a lamprobe treatment in June and while all holes are pretty much closed up the bumpy and strange texture remain. Was using differin and tazorac for a few months but had to stop recently since I got perioral dermatitis. While this clears up I wonder what can be done to have my chin area look more normal. It is hard to cover up with makeup since the skin is so uneven (dips and valleys).

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Textural skin changes can be improved for chin scars with this scar removal treatment

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These textural scar changes may benefit from a scar treatment with Fractional CO2 laser to resurface the skin and tone the dermis. 

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Chin scarring

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It is hard to appreciate what you are concerned with looking at these photographs since you are talking about a three dimensional problem and we are only seeing a two dimensional image. Sometimes avoiding all of the extraneous medications gives the skin a chance to breathe on its own once again

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